Updated: Nov 5, 2018

Electrical Sensitivity

Electrical Sensitivity is also known as Electrosensitivity, Electromagnetic Sensitivity , EMF Sensitivity, Electrical Hypersensitivity , Microwave Sickness, Radio wave sickness, Wireless Stress Syndrome and Rapid Aging Syndrome. A key determining factor in evaluating whether or not someone has ES is how they feel away from EMF and RF and whether or not their health symptoms improve with prudent avoidance.


The symptoms of ES vary widely with each person, depending on the strength, type and length of exposure as well as exposure to other toxins in the environment, individual constitution and basic health practices. Symptoms can be mild to severe and include:

tinnitus, chronic fatigue, headaches, insomnia, concentration, memory, learning and immune system problems, dermatitis, heart palpitations. nausea,joint pain, swelling of face, neck, eye problems, rashes, and cancer.

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